Welcome to the 1st European Conference on Gender and Diversity in Engineering and Science

The idea of gender in engineering and sciences has been widely discussed outside the areas where it should be applied: research and development in industry and research institutions. Although the last few years have seen a growing acceptance of gender issues in Germany, the situation of German women engineers and scientists is in many respects worse than that of their European colleagues (number, salary differences, risk of unemployment, career perspectives).

 As one of the top exporting nations with a specific focus on high technology and engineering services, Germany and German industry are at last starting to accept the diversity argument: only if the teams are made up of members of different backgrounds, ages and sexes will it be possible to have the results that satisfy customers.

The conference aims to bring the gender and diversity arguments from the gender sciences to industry and to those people who can make a change: HR managers, employers, scientists and managers in engineering; both male and female. With this aim in view, there will be presentations of best practice all over the world, results of studies showing the benefits of diversity and gender conscious management, and information on worldwide work-life balance concepts in sciences and engineering.

News: kugelschreiber-bedruckt.indavo.de

We expect more than 400 international participants to this event and plan to combine the input from the presentations and speeches with exhibits and many opportunities to network, both within the community and with responsible managers from European companies in engineering and sciences. 

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